Monday, September 20, 2010

Your Personal Ads is waiting you

A dear friend of mine pointed out the work of ImmersiveLabs on targeted ads. Their experience made me formalize some random thoughts I had in my mind for a long period.

Last century was the age of massive and unpersonalized ads on TV, radio, and newspapers.

Ten years ago we saw the beginning of personalized ads with Google. The model was simple and therefore a huge revolution. You search what you want, I give you the results but we agree that I can use your query for serving targeted ads. Actually, the model was proposed originally by and Lycos but they missed to understand the value .. and this is another story.

A couple of years ago we started to see another use of personalization. Again the model is simple. You are in a given place and access a service from there (either with your phone or with your desktop). I provide you the service, but will use your geo-location for serving local ads.

These are the days of multiple sensors. ImmersiveLabs is using a cam to detect your face and your sex. Your Iphone can send information about your walking style or your attitude. Your game console can send information about your training style or the what do you like to play. Your tv will soon send information about your entertainment needs. Facebook knows every web page you Like.

How many other ad sensors are there out in the world?


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