Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Got a(nother) patent for Video Hover Preview

Hmm.. today is a really strange day since I discovered that my ex-Ask.com Pisa group received another patent assigment.

This is time is about Video Search. Back in 2005, we patented the idea of Video Hover preview. These days, Video Hover is a quite popular features among many video sites.

Abstract: A method and system to preview video content. The system comprises an access component to receive a search request and a loader to simultaneously stream a plurality of videos associated with the search request. The system may further comprise a trigger to detect a pointer positioned over a first video and a mode selector to provide the first video in a preview mode.


Gulli; Antonino (Pisa, IT)
Savona; Antonio (Sora, IT)
Veri; Mario (Rocca San Giovanni, IT)

Yet another achievement for Pisa, the "nowhere place"

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