Saturday, July 28, 2012

An idea for Facebook: from friends to skilled friends (or how to make money)

Facebook has 900 millions of users, and everyone is connected to a number of friends. Sometime you don't know what are your friends' skills. In my network there are people expert in photography, people expert in art, people experts in skiing, people expert in surfing, and people expert in solar power, and people expert in philosophy, and people with an immense musical background, and many geeks, and people with tremendous interest for electrical cars, and people with a passion for astronomy and celestial stuffs, and ....

So many people, so much talent to discover.

So Facebook, let everyone declare their own skills and talents to their social network. Let my friends be skilled friends. Let me also tag the skills of my friends as I tag my friends' faces in pictures.

Then, let me discover this talent when I search:  if I search for photography give the name of my friend Giuseppe who has a skill in this subject, and If I search surfing give me the name of Luca who is the expert here. If no friend is an expert in that topic, please find a skilled expert among the friends of my friend.

Transform generic search in search for skilled friends.

And when I search a skill, here you have the magic opportunity to sell ads about that topic. 

So If i search for surfing give me the name of Luca, but also ads related to the topic. Give me the name of that online market where I can buy great surf tables or show me where to find swimsuits. Likewise, if I search for camera give me the name of Giuseppe but also ads for the latest Nikon D7000. And...

Transform generic search in a search for skilled friends, and make money out of a great user experience.

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