Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A phone has two sides. An idea for phone manifactures

Yesterday, I was listening this conversation: "I have always to carry at least two phones. My iphone is great for browsing and the apps, and my blackberry is great for browsing emails". How many of you have a similar  experience: either you have a phone with a large touch display which is great for browsing, or you have a phone with smaller display but with a decent keyboard. So you go out of there and buy your favourite Android, Windows Phone, Iphone AND you possibly buy a traditional Blackberry or the like.

Now I wonder why two devices? Why don't have just one with two sides? On one side you have the large touch display, and on the other side you have the smaller display but a good traditional keyboard.

I should probably patent this idea and sell it to companies out of there, but there is a war so I prefer to publish here and give it for free.. as in freedom

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