Friday, June 4, 2010

Why I like the Ipad, and why i don't like the App model

So I bought an Ipad. I must confess that I like it. Disclaimer: I don't have any apple stock right now. You know "sell in May...". Disclaimer: I don't have an iphone, at the moment. I bought it, the model 1 in new york city, two days after the first launch -- and I bought also some stocks at that timet. I played a bit with the SDK, and was all but easy to program with a lot of features disabled by choice (e.g. no multi-thread, no video, erghhh!). I never felt in love with the Iphone, but I predicted his amazing success -- at least 20 people can confirm it. I made my money for that prediction and I built some apps just for fun.

Now I tell you, I love the IPad and I predict an amazing success. First at all, the battery lasts for 9-10 hours. Second, there is a pull mode that download content offline. Third, display is amazing: you can read your newspapers, watch your movies, browse the net, email, a keyboard that is working with my big fingers. Still video is not there. And is quite expensive. Anyway, this will be a blast. Apple will release new versions with little additional features just to sell more devices.

Anyone is about Apps right now. Like anyone was about corba, 15 years ago. Like Web 2.0, 5 years ago or The cloud, just yesterday.

Can I say? I don't like the app model. I know you can make a lot of money out of it. And a lot of devs are happy because they can participate to this new golden age. The claim is: "There is an app for that", anything you need to do.

Well my question: "how can i find that app?". You need to find an app for finding things. There is an additional level of indirection to go in a cage.

And it is not easy to find that app. Should we have a search engine for that?

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