Sunday, June 6, 2010

HackaTon: 1 week, 1 hour, 1 social experiment with Html5, Bing Maps, Facebook,

Last week I had one week of vacation. So i started a social experiment. Every day, I coded for 1 hour. Time is the key for programming and I believe that 7 hours are a very long release cycle. Those are the rules:
  1. I want to make something social. And I when I say social, I mean sharing on Facebook. Social is a so catchy and meaningless word, these days;
  2. I want to make something with geolocatization. I heard that HTML5 made a great progress on that side and I know that Bing Maps are pretty cool;
  3. KISS mode must be on;
  4. Everything must stay on the client, keep it small keep it fast. Code is public, since is just javascript;
  5. I am starting an Mashup HackAthon, send me your contribution and I will post it.
So the result of my little hackton is an application. It geocalizes you with your HTML5 browser. Then, it accesses for getting the name of the place where you are. Then, it gets your position on a 3D Bing Map. Then, it posts your position, your map, your comment on your Facebook profile.

During the next days I will comment the code here. If you want to test it, this is the result after 7 hours of coding. (you must use a browser with geolocalization support)

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