Monday, May 10, 2010

Evolution of Search

For a long time I thought that Search was a mature market, with Google and Microsoft the only two players remaining to fight.

Well, I was wrong. Facebook has a lot of data to search and they are the only one who can mine it. Try to search the volcano situation. Strangely enough they are not giving too much emphasis to this feature. So far ...


  1. I think the jury is still out on the usefulness of that data. I realize that real-time search is the hot new thing among the obsessive compulsive news junkies in our press, but those noisy real-time search results haven't had a lot of appeal so far to a mainstream audience.

    It's like a lot of things with Facebook and Twitter. If they could figure out how to solve several incredibly hard problems around relevance and intent, they could create enormous value. But no one has been able to solve those incredibly hard problems yet, and certainly not for lack of trying.

  2. There are two users.

    1. When a user post a link she votes for it. When she clicks, she votes for it. This is a really high value information because they know the user and they discover the link.

    2. When a user post a text, this can be probably less useful.