Friday, December 25, 2009

MultiArray: a useful container.

MultiArray is a useful boost container. Think about a hierarchical container which contains other containers. You can also have recursive definitions, where each level of the container can have other MultiArrays. Therefore a multi_array[float,2] is a matrix of float (dim=2), a multi_array[float,3] is a cuboid of float (dim =3). Instead, multi_array[multi_array[float,2], 3] is an object that you cannot represent with a 'simple' matrix: we are representing a cuboid where each cell is a matrix of floats.

MultiArrays can be accessed with the traditional iterator pattern, or accessed with the conventional bracket notation.

Maybe the most useful feature of MultiArray is the possibility to create views, where a subset of the underlying elements in a MultiArray as though it were a separate MultiArray.

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