Friday, December 4, 2009

Google Customizes More of Its Search Results

This is an important step for Google and I do appreciate the initiative. Personalized search has been one of the hot topic in the academia, with a lot of people trying to obtain a personalized version of page rank. Well, personalization is more about Dynamic ranking and not about Static ranking. Other search engines are also adopting personalized forms of ranking, but here google is raising the bar..

"For many of its users, Google offers Web search results that are customized based on their previous search history and clicks. For example, if someone consistently favors a particular sports site, Google will put that site high in the results when they look up sports topics in its search engine.

But there has always been one catch: people had to be signed in to a Google account to see such customization.

On Friday Google said it was extending these personalized search results to people who are not logged into the service."

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