Thursday, October 29, 2015

Academic Search and Relevance on ScienceDirect

During the past few months team worked on Academic Search. So, it is time to post a number of side- by-side comparisons. Let's select a topic.. say Modern Finance and pick a few queries just to show where we are.

{quantitative easing}

All articles are from 2010/2011, while here instead we show fresh results which are more relevant

{ultrafast trading}

here there is a proximity match and an alteration problem since ultrafast trading actually means high-frequency trading and it is not that fast to give a result of 1999. ScienceDirect correctly nails it


Fintech has a very specific meaning in Finance and this meaning is not nailed. ScienceDirect got it and it is also fresh. Kinda of cool.

Please run your own queries and report SATs and DSATs. Search and Relevance requires continuous investments and the work is never really done. There is always a metric to move, and new learnings to apply - which is why the job is fun!!

Antonio Gulli

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