Friday, June 26, 2015

Microsoft - Elsevier to organize next WSDM cup

Glad to announce that Microsoft and Elsevier will organize the next wsdm cup. With

In the recent explosive growth of online activities, the data are often recorded as heterogeneous graphs, ranging from Facebook’s Open Graph that record our social and communication activities to the graphs gathered by major search engine companies that represent a snapshot of our collective knowledge. As demonstrated in many web search and data mining applications, a critical element to make the best use of the data is the ability to assess the relative importance of the nodes.
In the 2016 WSDM Cup, the challenge will be to assess the query-independent importance of scholarly articles, using data from the Microsoft Academic Graph--a large heterogeneous graph comprised of publications, authors, venues, organizations, and the fields of study.
More details coming soon. Stay tuned.
Alex Wade, Microsoft Research
Kuansan Wang, Microsoft Research
Antonio Gulli, Elsevier B.V.

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