Monday, January 30, 2012

Search is so boring, what if we stop sending queries?

First search engine I ever saw was Lycos pursuit back in 1994 (wow long time ago!). The key idea in pursuit was to have a crawler collecting documents, and a search form where you had the opportunity to submit queries/keywords for retrieving relevant results. Now, after 17 years search paradigm is ,,, still the same! just more relevant and working on a larger scale. Anyway, the paradigm is still the same. Really?

So that's boring. I don't like being bored.

After leaving and before joining Microsoft, I had this idea of a new startup. One of those ideas I have every 4-5 weeks. I never realized it, so now I put it here for free and if you want you can pick it and make money out of it. After all, ideas are for free but the execution is not.

Imagine you visit a place and prepare a video guide about this place you are visiting. You go on your favorite restaurant and you record a video with your impressions and comments. You go in an hotel and you record another video. You go to the visit a shopping area and you record another video. You record your own videos pretty much  in every location and your mobile will upload them in my server.

Then every time someone will come closer to that location my service will push your content to those people.

No queries, just the location. Searches will happen on your behalf.

  • Relevance can leverage a ranking on the video contributors, their social network, how much their contribution was appreciated in the past, and many other factors that I will not discuss here
  • Monetization can leverage the location and it will have several opportunities.

So this is an idea for you to pick and execute.

Search, with no queries.


  1. Unless I miss something, this looks like YouTube running on a mobile device with automatic geo location. Add some social elements (your first bullet) and the service is ready.

    From my point of view, I don't like being tracked.