Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A couple of feature suggestions for Facebook News

Dear Facebook,

Here a couple of suggestions from an avid user:

1. Let me order my news feed by people. News feed on Facebook is the modern inbox, so i'd like to sort my incoming messages by sender (e.g. friends) and to associate different friends with different priorities. Nothing new here we have this in all email readers;

2. Let me create additional folders and rules over my news feed. Again, Facebook is the modern inbox, so i'd like to predefine a set of rules for filtering  messages and automatically associate them to different folders. Nothing new here: we have this option in all email readers;

3. Let me create mailing lists and send messages to people in those specific lists. Again, Facebook is the modern inbox, and when I send an email I don't want to send it to all the people in my address book but just to a subset of them. If you want to make this feature cool call it "square", or "rectangle", or maybe "circle". Yes, "circle" has a mythological effect which is always a plus. Nothing new here we have this option in all email readers;

4. Let me filter senders. I do not want to get updates from some of my friends, so let me ban them. Yes, I know that this feature is already there but I wanted you to extend it. Even if I ban a friend, sometime I just want to get some of the updates from her because I want to give her a second chance. So please allow me to explore if she is become more catchy.

5. Let me create folders with topics. In addition, to the normal news feeds I'd like to create special folders where you automatically classify incoming messages. I give a couple of examples and you learn from them. For instance, I wanted all the messages linking to a news site in a folder. All the messages about recipes in another and so on and so forth; Please learn from my behavior.

6. Let me searches my past messages. Currently this feature s..ks!

Your loyal User,

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  1. Antonio, thank you for suggestions :)
    There are some differences between FB newsfeed and mail though:
    - mail is messages created by you friends, NF is a set of stories CREATed by FB about actions of your friends on the site
    - technically it is not feasible to see ALL actions from ALL friends for most of the user base