Friday, February 11, 2011

Instant Twitter: can I follow who is around me?

I like the idea of followers in Twitter. I can follow my friends, celebrities and influencial people and other people can also follow me.

Not sure whether there is already a similar social service out of there, but I woul like to have a way to instantaneously communicate with the people around my geo-location that are willing to listen.

I believe that this would be an interesting feature for establishing new friendships around a place (e.g. a pub, a bistro, a disco, and so on and forth), or for getting help when I am in new area. Probably, there should also be a way to tag annoying people and for switching this feature on and off.

Doe anyone know whether there is already such social service?

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  1. Let me Google that for you:

    No, seriously, I don't mean to be snide, but this is a really common idea, dozens of startups doing it, many of which are focused on dating. You're talking about one of the big ideas in geolocation, communicating with nearby friends easily. The other big, reoccurring ideas are advertising and coupons from nearby merchants, games that involve overlap between the virtual world and a real world using geolocation, and sharing trails of where people have been and what they have done.