Monday, January 25, 2010

Where I'd like to invest: 3D UI

We live in a 3D world (no actualy more, but that is a different story), but so far our interactive experience were 2D. Now things are chaning and we start to see real 3D movies (such as Avatar).

What would be next?

I want to have a real 3D UI for my operative system and I don't just mean simulate it in a 2D screen, I mean project it and than interact with the users, like it is already happening to some extent for video games in Project Natal Then I want a 3D Search experience, which goes behind the 2D flat search. And I want a 3D social experience.

Any company out of there where I can put my money?


  1. For a long time I've been thinking about the possibilities and implication of 3D interactive interfaces. But it seems to me that the human mind may be inherently 2D, as our our planning abilities evolved basically from savanna hunters.
    Moreover, even the most modern UI are still extremely tied to the 'reading/writing' activity which is, again, born 2D. Probably the right way to go is to understand what are the really relevant parts of the interface we are using in any moment, and put them in the front of our view. We could steal from 3D game the concept of Level of detail, and display stuff that seems to be less important in progressively more far in the background.

  2. Interesting post.
    Here's my conception of a 3D UI:

    @Alessandro: The human mind is NOT inherently 2D. I'll leave it at that...

  3. We are working on a 3DUI for existing web content. We move further from a single os ui, to a web/cloud based source for our digital identity. The Mystery Box Company is working hard at changing how we interact with our virtual world in a partnership with Evergreen State College, and Google.