Wednesday, November 11, 2009

GO a new language from Google

Go is a new language from Google. Robert Pike and Ken Thompson are behind it. (I believe they are Godness for programmer ;-). At first glance, Go stays in the middle between C++ and Python.

I am trying to understand a bit more about the language. Garbage collection is there, type inference is there, lamba/closure is there, but where are modern things like generic/collections and exceptions?

Generic is a commonly accepted programming paradigm that any modern programmer is using (C++ has it, Java has it, etc, etc?)

BTW, there was already a programming language called Go and google missed it ?

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  1. Google's new programming language, called Go, took the application development world by storm when the search giant released it. The ambitious technology's pedigree features programming experts from the Unix world, including Ken Thompson, who teamed with Dennis Ritchie to create Unix. Created as a systems programming language to help speed up development of systems inside Google, Go is now viewed as a general-purpose language for Web development, mobile development, addressing parallelism and a lot more.