Saturday, October 10, 2009

C++ check list

So, you are making an interview. An well, I'm really upset when you don't know what are the pros and cons for defining a method:
  • operator or non operator
  • free or class memeber
  • virtual or non virtual
  • pure virtual or virtual
  • static or non static
  • const or non-const
  • public, protected, private
And about arguments:
  • return by value, pointer, const pointer, reference, const reference
  • return const or non const
  • passing by value, pointer, reference
  • passing const or non const
And about costructor, destructor, copy
  • private, public, implicit, explicit constructor
  • private, public, implicit, explicit copy operator
  • virtual , non virtual destructor
Do you know exactly how and when to use all the above?

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