Thursday, July 16, 2009

Yahoo showing muscles

I like Carol Bartz! She stands up and say "This is what we've done". All the other people are considering her mission impossible. My sincere admiration for the results. She is a warrior.

Yahoo! is the second one in search and not just that..... first in News, first in Sport, first in Finance, first in Mail!!, not considering messanger and all the other stuffs. I like when people stand up and kick back, without changing they own nature but giving the correct value to their assets. Yahoo needs people like her.

News/Information Total Unique Visitors
Yahoo! News 51,192,000
New York Times Digital 44,789,000
CNN 35,119,000
News/Research Total Unique Visitors
Yahoo! Finance 20,083,000
AOL Money & Finance 14,058,000
MSN Money 11,240,000
Sports Total Unique Visitors
Yahoo! Sports 24,776,000
ESPN 20,984,000 on MSN 12,576,000
Email Total Unique Visitors
Yahoo! Mail 103,755,000
Windows Live Hotmail 47,709,000
AOL Email 38,057,000
Google Gmail 36,649,000

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