Sunday, May 24, 2009

Google vs. the Real-Time Web

Google vs. the Real-Time Web is a nice article by the way of Gigaom.
  • "By contrast, real-time discovery engines like Twitter and Facebok use a more dynamic kind of democracy, linking to content that users finds worthwhile. As a result, content on the web is splitting into two basic models, and understanding this distinction makes clear why Google’s centralized role is being threatened"
I like the comments:
  • "There is no time available to develop meta data that separates the wheat from the chaff, or in recent terms, the stupid bacon jokes from real news about Swine Flu"
  • "It has to have a past to give people’s reactions time to develop. But yes, right now if you say realtime, you certainly can get funded. In the Valley, at least."
This is what I think:
  • I partially agree with Adam. We already saw some working Real time web search. Namely News blending into Web search. Now, Real time is not just news blending. It’s much more, but the news blending experience may be leveraged there.

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