Friday, April 17, 2009

A great review on our freshness job

Off-topic, but just want to say thank you to anyone who worked hard on it. These are nice words.

For example, a search for
Bruce Springsteen is presently showing a rich mix of images, scheduled events, web pages, and news results for the performer, and if you hover your mouse over the image next to the news results for Bruce Springsteen at, the news video starts playing.

They sound interesting to me, too. I do like their focus on providing timely information.

I looked at search results for “Bruce Springsteen” in Google, Yahoo, and Ask, to see how current the information was from each. All three had fairly up-to-date news information. Ask actually had a richer results than the other two in terms of the images that they displayed, and their listing of future “events” or concerts for Springsteen.

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