Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Book review: Introduction to Video Search Engines

Introduction to Video Search Engines by David C. Gibbon and Zhu Liu (2008) it's a nice book about video search engines by AT&T people.

I recommend the book if you want an introduction to the Video search world. The book discusses important topics such as video standards, internet video, video classification by sources and by topics, the anatomy of a video search engine, and many others. Particularly interesting are the four chapters about Media Processing, Video Processing, Audio Processing and Text Processing.

In Video Processing, I appreciated the discussions about shot boundary determination and representative image selection with evaluation based on TrecVid dataset. Other interesting topics are Face detection, which can be used for ranking. and Face recognition.

In Audio Processing, I appreciated the discussions about Speaker segmentation and Speaker recognition.

Text Processing, is a more standard chapter with discussions about Named Entities recognition and Part of Speech tagging.

I would have appreciated a more detailed discussion about Video Search Ranking which would have been appreciated by Seo Community and a more detailed discussion of Video Search anatomy.

Anyway, I definitively recommend reading this book, if you you are interested in Video Search

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