Friday, February 13, 2009

Generic programming and out-of-the core computation

STXXL is a C++ library for extra large data sets. The library allows to write generic programs, with an idiom typical of STL, and to leverage the power of out-of-the-core computations for massive data-sets. I played with the library and I loved it.
  1. You have the STXXL containers, which are similar to STL containers. Anyway, an STXXL container can be mapped to (multiple) external file(s) in a transparent way. Files may have different implementations that might be bases on various file systems or even remote storage interface. Examples of containers are:

    • vectors: example: stxxl::vector v(64 * int64(1024 * 1024));
    • map: example: stxxl::map
    • queue: example: stxxl:queue
    • stacks and priority queues

  2. You can access the containers with STXXL Iterators and the library is taking care of all I/O operation, supporting large files up to dozens of terabytes even if they are mapped on multiple physical disks.

    • unsigned int big_size = 1024 * 1024 * 2 * 16 * 16;
      typedef stxxl::vector vec_big;
      vec_big my_vec(big_size);
      vec_big::iterator big_it = my_vec.begin();

  3. You can use a collection of STXXL Algorithms, similar to STL ones but for external memory:

    • stxxl::generate(v.begin(), v.end(), stxxl::random_number32(), 4);
    • stxxl::for_each_m(v.begin(), v.end(), square(), 4);
    • ...

  4. A particular mention goes to sorting algorithms for external memory:

    • typedef stxxl::vector vector_type;
      const stxxl::int64 n_records =
      stxxl::int64(384) * stxxl::int64(1024 * 1024) / sizeof(my_type);
      vector_type v(n_records);
      stxxl::random_number32 rnd;
      for (vector_type::size_type i = 0; i < v.size(); i++)
      v[i]._key = 1 + (rnd() % 0xfffffff);
    • stxxl::sort(v.begin(), v.end(), cmp(), memory_to_use);

  5. This paper describes the library Stxxl : Standard Template Library for XXL Data Sets ; R. Dementiev, L. Kettner, P. Sanders "STXXL: standard template library for XXL data sets" Software: Practice and Experience Volume 38, Issue 6, Pages 589-637, May 2008 DOI: 10.1002/spe.844. See also the technical report.

  6. Here you have a collection of example codes; performance are pretty good, and some stxxl users have reported that stxxl sort is much faster than UNIX sort. In addition, i found this paper which reports very good performance (Breadth first search on massive graphs). Do not forget to consult the STXXL forum if you need any help.

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